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Here you can learn more about selected PMMG CONSULTING projects from Manufacturing & MRO, Payment & FinTech, Public Sector, Healthcare & Life Science, Consumer Goods and Aerospace & Aviation.

viflow 7 Migration Support + Training


The globally active Swiss company HUBER+SUHNER develops and produces components and system solutions for electrical and optical connectivity.

Process standards documented in a company-wide process model are essential for the business and organisational development. H+S uses the viflow software for process management.

viflow version 7 replaces the previous viflow version 6 which is why H+S had to migrate the existing process model. In addition to the technically migration H+S also wanted to use the opportunity to optimise the content of the process model and train viflow users in the new viflow functionalities.


PMMG successfully carried out the migration of the process model from viflow 6 to viflow 7 in close cooperation with the H+S process managers. PMMG already supported H+S in the further development of the H+S process organisation and the optimisation of selected business processes (e.g. in the areas of “PLM” and “order processing”).

In order to make the knowledge sustainably accessible, PMMG created the new viflow 7 process design manual and used it to train the users at H+S in the most important functions such as process mapping, graphic templates, shapes, properties, web models and reports.



(1) Process model successfully migrated to the new viflow 7 environment according to time and budget specifications and available to all employees.

(2) Identified logical errors in the process model and resolved with the specialist departments.

(3) viflow 7 users are able to further develop the process model.

viflow 7 Migration Support + Training
Next Generation PLM (Product Lifecycle Management)


HUBER + SUHNER offers cable system solutions from components to complete data centers in three technologies (high frequency, low frequency and fiber optics). This results in an extensive and diverse product portfolio, whose strength for H+S lies in the combination possibilities of the various components. This makes efficient data management including ERP integration indispensable.
To meet these challenges it was necessary to introduce a new PLM system, with which H+S secures competitive advantages for its product portfolio as well as synergy effects between the (technology) divisions.


Together with the stakeholders affected by the product life cycle, PMMG defined business processes on the basis of which the new PLM system was selected, set up and configured.

Developed were …
1. 9 lean business processes along the product life cycle
2. 12 roles with activities and necessary qualifications
3. a decision-making system at the quality gates in the process
4. the necessary deliverables from the processes on the basis of which the decisions are made


With the help of the developed processes and the corresponding documentation, the appropriate PLM system was selected, set up, configured and successfully rolled out worldwide.

Due to the result-oriented process definition with deliverables that are transferred between the roles, the interfaces as well as the cross-departmental and cross-location cooperation in the area of development and product management were sustainably improved.

Next Generation PLM (Product Lifecycle Management)
Development + implementation of a 5-year strategy


The owner-managed Wirthwein AG has been realizing successful and global growth for many years with its core competence in injection molding across all business areas. With increasing company size and in global competition, the requirements of the various industries increased. The complexity of technological change increased. Securing the long-term profitable performance of the Group was at risk.


PMMG has worked out the global 5-year strategy of Wirthwein AG in a project team with approx. 50 Wirthwein experts of all hierarchy levels under the management of the board.

The project team derived this strategy from the respective market trends and future customer requirements. In addition, the greatest business potential in the focus industries and regions was identified and the future product and service portfolio was derived.

Currently, Wirthwein AG is implementing the strategy with the help of the agile PMMG Program Management solution in the strategic fields of action Sales, Locations & Production, Plants, Organization + Innovation Control Loop.


Core products, core competencies, focus markets and target customers (including target values) specified per business unit Innovation capability of the Group increased through the implementation of a systematic innovation management
Production and site development plans drawn up and implemented worldwide
Digitization strategy of the corporate group developed and implementation started

“When developing our corporate strategy for the coming years, it was important for us as Management Board members to focus on the expertise, experience and ideas of our employees. With a pragmatic solution for the development of a strategy, PMMG set the necessary methodical guidelines, but also created room for creativity and individual solution finding in the right places!

Marcus Wirthwein (CTO)
Development + implementation of a 5-year strategy
Digitisation of the intermodal logistics chain in German inland navigation


In the research project SINLOG*, PMMG, BearingPoint, Fraunhofer FIT, Port of Trier, MSG and the Federal Association of Public Inland Ports are evaluating possibilities for the digital exchange of freight information and the block-chain-supported networking of the logistics chain around inland shipping until 2021.

Up to now, inland navigation has shown a low degree of digitalisation in the freight-related data exchange compared to rail and road and therefore does not effectively integrate into logistics chains that are often already digitally organised (media break). In addition, there is a lack of possibilities to secure the digitised data exchange without manipulation across all participants.

* Standardization approach to connect Inland Navigation to Intermodal LOGistics


The Business Architecture Model (BAM) as an agile companion in the project. Establishment of the BAM according to the V-Model in digitization projects in order to present complex, diverse information in a structured way and to make dependencies visible
1. conception phase => technical specification of requirements
2. development phase => solution definition & implementation of the solution
3. roll-out phase => practical application


Thanks to the BAM modeling methodology PMMG was able to develop the rough concept for the SINLOG solution in only 3 workshops.
During the technical implementation of the IT solution, BAM provided the developers with the business context at all times.

Digitisation of the intermodal logistics chain in German inland navigation
Realignment of the process management to increase the company's profitability (Reference to practice report: www.charlie-macht-kurzen-prozess.com)


In order for Biral to achieve its strategic corporate goals, a reorientation of process management in Switzerland + Germany is required.

For this purpose, the project “Charlie” was set up as a sub-project of a company-wide business development program under the management of the management and managed by PMMG for 4 years.


In the conception phase PMMG restructured the entire Biral process map and focused on the core processes.
Based on an employee survey, PMMG designed the new Biral process world.
Together with the Biral project team, the PMMG team worked out the order processing end-to-end and implemented it in the organisation.
The effectiveness of the new workflows was checked on the basis of agreed process key figures and adjusted where necessary.
Following an agreed roadmap, the other Biral processes followed the same procedure.


With the help of the Biral process world, the KPI-based continuous improvement process (CIP) has been anchored in daily work and has become a fixed component of management tasks at Biral.

The clear process landscape gives employees easy access to the essential information and working documents for their work processes.

The optimised processes across all levels and the localised IT systems including their functions in the processes were the basis for the subsequent digitalisation of Biral.

Reference to practice report: www.charlie-macht-kurzen-prozess.com
Realignment of the process management to increase the company’s profitability
Profitability improvement: Business Process Management (BPM) "aircraft maintenance" (military + civil)


Technical operational equipment of the Swiss Air Force was not available to the required extent because the SCM processes and associated workflows were suboptimally coordinated with the structural and operational organization and implemented manually in many places.


Together with customer representatives, PMMG has optimized and digitized the material ordering & delivery processes at 11 locations in Switzerland and Germany (> 40 project team members).
Furthermore, PMMG has streamlined and established the internal improvement process for > 2,500 employees.
More than 35 improvement measures for the IT system & application landscape, business processes and organization were implemented.
To date, process-specific key performance indicators (KPIs) including measurement methods and tools are still being applied in practice.


  • Availability of the technical equipment increased by > 8%
  • Continuous increase in efficiency by interlocking departments and measuring the increase in performance ensured by a few pragmatic and easy-to-measure KPIs
  • Increased employee satisfaction through easier use of the Process Management System (PMS)
Profitability improvement: Business Process Management (BPM) “aircraft maintenance” (military + civil)
Setup and implementation of an innovation management solution in civil aircraft construction


The aviation market, in which Airbus, as the world’s leading aircraft manufacturer, and its wholly owned subsidiary Premium AEROTEC operate, is changing rapidly, but at the same time has long development cycles. The pressure is constantly increasing on the development departments of Airbus and its subsidiaries to bring innovative components and solutions for the next aircraft generations to market. Weight, manufacturing costs and delivery time are to be reduced by means of innovations. Individual sections of the global Airbus production network must be further developed so that the overall result is sustainably improved.


PMMG worked with the customer’s development engineers to create an innovation management solution to complement the existing product development process (PDP). For this purpose the customer will work in 2 innovation streams in the future:
1. in the product stream, innovative product ideas are processed to start the existing development process
2. in the organization stream, the customer organization is enabled to implement the future solutions.

For this purpose, PMMG has improved the existing development process, documented the content with compact process and role descriptions and transferred it to Premium AEROTEC’s central business process management.


Premium AEROTEC is able to make key performance indicator-based innovation decisions and to develop the most important product innovations at the right time and bring them successfully to market

Setup and implementation of an innovation management solution in civil aircraft construction
Business process & organizational development - Maintenance & repair business jets


A financial investor bought a business jet maintenance company with 5 locations in Europe, took over a further 3 locations in the USA, Asia and the UAE, thus creating the world market leader in this sector. The economic targets were missed for 3 years in a row.
The previous integration measures of new locations and the harmonisation of value-adding processes were not successful.


Together with the customer project team (> 80 experts) PMMG has optimised the MRO business processes (maintenance, repair and overhaul) for 8 locations (> 3,500 employees), documented them in a business process model and introduced them in practice. In the process, the process-related and organisational deviations between the locations were identified, minimised where appropriate and best practices implemented. PMMG trainers conducted target group oriented practical training for more than 750 aircraft mechanics and started the continuous improvement process.


Project success figures (extract):

  • Sales volume increased by more than 10
  • Project orders increased by more than 15%.
  • Average profit margin increased by 6.5
  • Average aircraft service life reduced by 5
  • Customer satisfaction index increased by 9
Business process & organizational development – Maintenance & repair business jets
Realising business potential through digitalisation


Digitalisation has changed customer requirements, which the company was less and less able to meet.
The realization of business potential through digitalization was and is absolutely necessary for the long-term development of the company.


PMMG has drawn up the Business Development Plan (BDP) “Digitisation” for a sustainable increase in turnover and profitability and ensured its implementation
Chapter I: Strategic objectives + trends
Chapter II: Future external business requirements through digitisation
Chapter III: Product & Service Transformation
Chapter IV: Organizational transformation (along the product life cycle)
Chapter V: Implementation plan for I – IV within a JEP programme


Process costs reduced by > 15% (due to increased digitalization of the organization)

Better competitive position achieved, as development partner listed with top 5 customers within 8 months

Realising business potential through digitalisation


First the goal, then the way
Without a clear vision of the future, you will become the plaything of the market. That’s why we work with you to formulate clear goals and design the right way to get there. First we define what you want to achieve and then we organize the implementation. We support you in all questions concerning the optimization of the entire operational value chain. From our daily project work with demanding customers, we know exactly what works. And above all we know one thing: consistency is half the success.


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